Free Workshop – Health Food Store Tour

The first time I ever went to a health food store it was a little intimidating. It is a whole different beast than mainstream grocery stores! I mean, they have a completely different set of foods. It is very important to keep in mind that even though it is a health food store, does NOT mean that everything in there is good for you. Even if it proudly displays a USDA Organic certified seal of approval on its packaging does not mean it deserves a place in my shopping cart.

I try to provide my family with as healthy of foods as I possibly can, but I know that to completely remove certain foods out of their diet is unrealistic. So I have scoured the grocery shelves and scrutinized the information on the packaging of chips, cookies, pastas, candies, pantry items, frozen foods and the personal care section to make sure that the damage is as little as possible.
Many times, I have stood in a grocery aisle and watched people stare at all the different brands of shredded coconut or canned goods trying to decide which one to buy and I have gladly offered my advice, much to their relief.

I know many people want to be healthy and they want to provide their families with the best food… but they need a little guidance. I want to share my knowledge with you so that you can do that and so that your money is spent in the best way possible.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, I will be holding a free workshop – a Health Food Store Tour at Sprouts in Woodland Hills on Saturday, September 27 at 11:30AM. If you are interested, please email me at by Wednesday, September 24. We will stroll through the different aisles to discover which foods are the healthiest.

Transform your plate, transform your life.

Eat well. Be well. Vote with your fork!

Xo, Kristine

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